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Strategy and management consulting firm


LD. consulting advises managers on the identification and implementation of development levers for their company.

Business Meeting

Advice based on a strong knowledge of our clients' development challenges

The consultants ofLD. consulting have a real knowledge of the sectors in which they operate :

  • Knowledge of the different actors and economic intelligence

  • Strategic issues and industrial links between the different players

  • Innovation and new products

  • Mastery of the economic aggregates of the company

  • Knowledge of the regulatory environment

Recommendations supported by figures. Measuring growth potential remains our goal

Knowledge of a market and the relevance of recommendations must be based on figures. Even if their handling is sometimes difficult and they alone are not enough to make a decision, they are an essential step in the construction of our reflection :

  • Analysis and cross-checking of public data

  • Carrying out surveys

  • Exploitation of internal company data

  • Construction of business plan ; identification of profitability levers


A requirement to maintain advice that provides convictions, and not just methodology

The methodology is essential to structure the reflection, but we consider that it is not sufficient. The analytical distance of the board must be accompanied by a conviction, a commitment, an assured opinion. For us, this is the guarantee of long-term support for our customers, whose growth we share.

A pragmatic approach, so that the impacts of the missions are measurable

Committed to the success of the projects we support, we constantly seek to adapt during the mission : a mission order must know how to evolve, because the result is our only priority.

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231 rue Saint Honoré 75001 Paris

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